Flower Coin

Flower is a stable coin valued at $10 USD per coin.

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A Digital Currency allowing you to trade safely without worry of fluctuation of value.

Flower Coin takes away the risk of trading a digital coin for a product or service and then it changes value before you can trade it for something else.

Flower has been in conversations with a multitude of different organizations on accepting Flower.  From Governments, the Cannabis Industry, Gas Stations, as well as Bakeries and Manufacturing Companies. Flower is made for every transaction no matter where in the world you are.Flower always valued at $10 USD is taking the worry away for using it.

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Flower Coin

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Our Approch

Digital WorldWide Currency for All walks of life.


Our Group

Business’s and Crypto groups comming together for the ultimate solution, to make a substainable and long term crypto solution for payment acceptance.


Our Mission

To have Flower Coin be accepted worldwide as a currency used by all walks of life


Our Values

Cryptocurrency is ment to be used, traded and held without worry of major fluctuations or questions of value at time of transaction

Flower Coin

Experience the Ease of Trading Flower

FlowerCoin is a stable coin. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the volatility of the price of the stablecoin, relative to some “stable” asset or basket of assets. Flowercoin is valued at $10 usd.  Allowing long term holding and stability for trading.  Flower Coin is also a Proof os Stake coin, meaning, when you hold Flowercoin in your wallet, you gain 5% per annum more FlowerCoin. you get more FlowerCoin for holding Flower

Ease of Use

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Download the Wallet today.  Email us your wallet address and we will send you options to purchase FlowerCoin

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